Marsha Parcou is an experienced Health and Life coach.

Accredited by the Health Coach Institute, USA , she coaches using International Coach Federation (ICF) tools and exercises whilst delivering her own unique framework for transformation.

“I inspire women to blossom through self-care and self-love. I provide the support, structure, and strategy to empower them to not only become more successful, but to also learn to love themselves along the way”

Fasinasyon Product Range

Fasinasyon is a lifestyle brand that promotes a healthy and holistic approach to the body, mind, and soul.

With a full range of beauty, skincare, and health products, we assist in achieving personal goals and attaining optimal physical and mental health objectives.

“When I entered the life coaching program I was unsure of what the outcome would be but I knew I wanted to work on controlling my emotions and developing a healthy lifestyle. Through the sessions with Marsha I learnt many things. I discovered that it was important to set my own goals and take the necessary steps to reach them. Learning to draw healthy relationship boundaries was another accomplishment of mine and focusing on living a healthy lifestyle. Using positive energy to overcome stress through meditation and learning some relaxation techniques have helped a lot with controlling my emotions.
Thank you Marsha.”


Brand Manager for Jouel

“Working with Marsha has been a huge blessing for me. She has definitely helped to boost my confidence and self-worth and I can feel a massive difference in myself both physically and mentally. Initially, my main goal was to lose weight and get fit and healthy but along the way, through Marsha’s various teachings, techniques and encouragements I discovered that “Self-love” was really the main key to living a healthy and happy life. I am deeply grateful and fortunate that Marsha showed up at the right time and how she has helped me tremendously in achieving my body and mind transformation. I highly recommend her services, it is really the wisest self-investment anyone can make towards becoming the “Best version of themselves”

Roselyn Payet

Insurance Technician, MUA Seychelles

“Marsha is a natural coach and facilitator. She had a light touch and easy going manner but was instrumental in helping me to reconnect and make time for myself, identify and set priorities, transform my health, have a clear vision for the future and a plan to achieving my goals. She helped to cultivating my creative self and set habitual healthy practices as a routine. She listened and coached me as a client and as a friend, and was amazingly resourceful, creative and focused. As a life coach, she is authentically selfless in her contributions.  I highly recommend Marsha to anyone looking for a coach who will create the positive, nurturing and common-sense space to support personal development.”

Cindy Vidot

CEO Seychelles Investment Board

“When I started the coaching session with Marsha I had no idea that in just 6 weeks my life would take a complete turn. From the first session she really left an impact on me. With her help I could align my life around a healthy living lifestyle, finding more balance in life, self care, self love and embracing my passion.
I will forever be grateful of the 6 weeks sessions with Marsha as its been a journey of self discovery.”

Mrs Maria Barbe

Learning & Development Specialist

“The program I’ve been involved with Marsha has been a huge inspiration and motivation in my life. I learned not only to set my goals but how to achieve them. Sometimes it’s good when you accomplish your goals but for me the best part is the process to meet and get to know my coach who gave me energy and made me feel I was in a safe environment to talk with. Absolutely fantastic experience and lots of people need help. I love this program because there is no judgement, and you feel safe. What are you waiting for? Start now.”


Joana Sharpe

“when I was encouraged to participate in the lifestyle coach programme I was unaware of what to expect and what would be the final outcome to the programme, so I am glad I went in with an open mind.

Being a professional and mum to a toddler I had numerous matters/concerns which I wanted to work through as well as share in confidence with someone. Joining the programme Marsha was able to guide me on reorganizing my time and managing it to meet my major goals in terms of my career and family life. Marsha guided me in a journey of very deep self-reflection which enabled me to touch base with my inner self and old plans which I had abandoned along the way. She helped me reflect on my relationships as well and how to improve them and we also had the opportunity to discuss one of my concerns which was how to adopt a healthy lifestyle after entering motherhood!

I indeed looked forward to my weekly sessions and enjoyed the conversations! Marsha your vibe is simply captivating and I am very grateful for the experience and the knowledge which you have shared with me!”

Mrs. Esther Boniface

Director of Human Resources, Human Resource Section,

“My dad had just passed away when I started the coaching session with Marsha.

To be honest, I didn’t know why I needed these sessions. All I was feeling at the moment was I needed to talk to someone. Little did I know that this decision would make it a little bit easier to wake up in the morning.

Throughout these sessions, I went on a journey of discovering myself. I learnt how strong and confident I am, more than I ever thought. I realised that no situation is permanent and instead of focusing on what I have absolutely no control of, I should focus on what I can control. I learnt that my mind is the most powerful tool and all I need to accomplish my goals is in me. Loving myself unconditionally and in this way I can present the best version of me.

Most of all “Acceptance is Key!” Just as Marsha would say.”



I started coaching sessions with Marsha Parcou two weeks ago with a very unclear mindset as to the process and what I was to achieve out of it. After the first session I automatically started to understand the aim and meaning of being coached as to my life and its values. Further sessions got me to self-scrutinize my inner needs as a person and my responsibility towards achieving my set goals in life.

What I found amazing with Marsha’s coaching sessions is the openness  and listening process she indulged in with me to equip me with tools to better understand myself and reflect over my targets and needs not my wants. I have undergone an amazing experience I never expected during my coaching sessions and I will have no hesitation in doing it again should they need arise.

I learnt attributes I never even realized was useful to my wellbeing as a person and I shall always encourage others in need of guidance to follow coaching sessions with Marsha to detangle the inner knots unknown to ´ourselves’ at certain juncture of our lives.

Thank you Marsha.”


Samia Andre

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